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Ethel Lariviere is a Mortgage Specialist with BMO Bank of Montreal

As a Mortgage Specialist, I am dedicated in assisting clients in making responsible informed decisions by providing unbiased guidance and expert industry and market knowledge. Passionate in providing innovative lending and mortgage solutions tailored to each individual’s specific unique needs. With over 23 years in retail and commercial lending, I embrace entrepreneurship, small business and the keen ability to look out of the box as no two businesses or individuals are alike. If you are looking for a service-oriented, relationship-oriented, mortgage professional that is ready to advise you - from start to finish, whether you are looking to buy, build, renew, refinance or simply want an unbiased second opinion.
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Email: Ethel.Lariviere@bmo.com
Call/text: 778-347-7799

MBI Certification Criteria

  • CMBA-BC Membership in good standing
  • Completion of two (2) BCFSA-Approved re-licensing courses via MBIBC within last 24 months
  • Completion of the Ethics module, found in the Mortgage Brokers Practical Course section
  • I have successfully completed the MBI qualification course concerning ethics and professional conduct.
  • I have passed continuing education courses required for registration renewal through MBIBC.
  • I am a member in good standing of MBABC and acknowledge I will be subject to its code of ethics and conduct asamended from time to time.

I am a registrant under the Mortgage Brokers Act of British Columbia.
I understand the certification is valid as long as I:

  • Continue to pass continuing education courses required for registration renewal through MBIBC;
  • Continue to be a member in good standing of MBABC
  • Continue to be a registrant under the Mortgage Brokers Act of British Columbia
  • Follow the codes of ethic and conduct of MBABC (including any similar codes), including any future amendments
  • Abide by any future rules and regulations of the MBI certification developed by the education committee, MBI standards committee, or other committee authorized by MBIBC
  • Have not been sent a notice of revocation by MBIBC

Upon the certification becoming invalid I agree to immediately cease using the designation (including but not limited to ceasing to display the MBI Diploma Certificate and ceasing to use designation letters MBI) and, if requested, return the Diploma Certificate to MBIBC. I understand it is contrary to law for me to use the MBI certification or Certification Diploma without MBABC having authorized me to do so and authorizing me to continue to do so.

Than you have to apply to Mortgage Brokers Association of BC to be accepted. I had to swear: I certify to MBABC and MBIBC each of the following as being true:

Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce MembershipBCFSA (BC Financial Services Authority) registration and licensingMortgage Brokers Institute of British Columbia Certification - DesignationCanadian Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia Membership